Everyone dreams of flying in the best possible conditions. Comfort and safety are perhaps the two most important aspects of air travel. Many have already thought about how to solve the problem of ergonomic comfort in the economy class cabin. Toyota presented the concept – Cloud Capsule, which it presented at the Crystal Cabin Award.

The innovative project allows passengers to rest as their hand luggage is usually located in the economy cabin. Everyone knows that sleeping on plane seats is not easy. An upright posture, limited legs, and a lack of support can ruin your entire ride. Transforming the cabin requires some thought.

come in. Toyota

The new concept demonstrates the possibility of adding beds above the passenger seats. If handbags are stored in another place, then this space can successfully adapt to beds and rest areas.

fot. Toyota

The seats are designed so that the passenger can fully relax and even cuddle with Morpheus. The company explained that the capsules will only be available at cruising altitude where they are unlikely to be safe for taxi rides, take-offs and landings.

Foot. Toyota

There are stairs leading to the cabin. When the passenger goes upstairs, he can buckle up and relax. The designers know that the space will be air conditioned, have plenty of vents, and will be similar to the options available in business class seats. At the bottom, the seats are telescopic to allow luggage to be stowed under the seats.

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