Storming the Evangelical Church of St. John was taken out in Stuttgart on Saturday. In addition to the destroyed windows with valuable paintings, the offender, according to the police, tore the seats from their holders, poured liquid from the fire extinguisher on the inside and scattered the Bibles on the floor. He also smashed the front door of the choir.

The mayor of Stuttgart, Frank Knüber (CDU) stressed in his first reaction that it was “an act of blind destructive power and the penetration of culture”. The police estimate the material losses in several tens of thousands of euros.

Police said they have arrested a suspect in the robbery. On Sunday, officers were notified of the presence of a suspicious man near another sacred building, which was similar to a vandalized memorial from St. John.

The 37-year-old underwent a personal examination. In one of the pockets of his clothing, officers found several electronic devices that may have resulted from the theft at a construction site in the Lake Fürsey region.

An investigation by the Federal Police revealed that the 37-year-old was also involved in the destruction of the Furcy train station. The man was also said to have stolen a fire extinguisher from the city railroad and tools from a construction site. He is also suspected of exposing himself to a woman.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will go to court to arrest a homeless German citizen.