In Germany, 1.35 million people were vaccinated against the Coronavirus on Wednesday; This is the country’s highest daily vaccination score to date, according to the Berlin Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Health Minister Jens Spahn wrote on Twitter that 2 percent were vaccinated on Wednesday and Thursday. The country’s population.

As Span pointed out, 35.9 percent so far. (29.8 million) people in Germany received at least one dose of the vaccine, 10.6 percent. (8.8 million) have received full protection against Coronavirus.

The vaccination rate, as noted by dpa, varies between federal states. The best result was Saarland, with 40.4 percent taking at least one dose. Population, the worst – Saxony, where it stands at 31.1 per cent.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in Germany late last year. Initially, people over the age of 80 were vaccinated, as well as caregivers for the elderly, staff and patients in nursing homes, and medical staff.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of fraudulent vaccination cards is increasing. But German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said she did not intend to toughen penalties for this crime. – You have to control more carefully, not take more penalties – she told Handelsblatt. And I remembered that those who cheat are subject to a heavy fine and even imprisonment.

And she stressed that falsifying the vaccination card or using a forged vaccination certificate is “a morally reprehensible matter.” “Anyone who pretends to be vaccinated could put others at risk,” she said.

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Germany plans to present a digital certificate of vaccination for COVID-19 by the end of June. People who have already been vaccinated will automatically receive an electronic copy of the document. Lambrecht said she relied on the rapid implementation of this solution. The vaccination passport will be available throughout Europe. When we’re all looking for a vacation, that matters especially well. However, it must be ensured that everything written there is correct. This is why it is so important for vaccination points to issue appropriate confirmations – and she explained.