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Olaf Schulz (SPD) takes fraud prevention to a higher level tax. “On my recommendation, the Central Federal Tax Office has obtained a CD from Dubai containing tax-related data,” said the SPD candidate for chancellor in Berlin. He added that the data will be analyzed by the federal states. The goal is to detect potential tax crimes. Tax evasion is not a simple crime, but a criminal offense. There is no explanation here, said Schulze.

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Earlier, Der Spiegel reported that Schultz had tasked the Central Federal Tax Office with first purchasing classified data in order to expose massive tax fraud. The data in question is comprehensive information about real estate in Dubai. The case concerns millions of taxpayers, including several thousand Germanswho own the land and nieruchomo¶ci in Dubai.

Germany on the path to tax evasion. Where is the estate hiding?

Scholz expects this purchase to greatly expose international tax crimes. As the newspaper wrote, referring to the Federal Ministry of FinanceThis data will provide information about the assets hidden in Dubai from the tax authorities. In addition to addressing crime issues, the data will also give tax authorities a complete view of cross-border transactions. This will prevent you from losing your income.

According to Spiegel, the transmission of the data was proposed by an anonymous informant. The cost of buying it is about two million euro. So far, only the states have received the tax data. For example, the former Minister of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia (2010-2017) and now head of the Social Democratic Party Norbert Walter Borgens have purchased several CDs containing tax data.

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Scholz with gaps in memory

Meanwhile, the SPD candidate for chancellor Olaf Schulz recently had to deal with unpleasant questions himself at the Hamburg Inquiry. The case concerns a controversial tax refund. Schulz dismissed all suspicions that he, as then mayor of Hamburg, had influence over taxes Bank Warburg, who was implicated in the “Com-X” scandal.

The subject of the dispute was the Hamburg claims tax office towards large companies with an amount of approximately 90 million euros. In the end, however, the money is not refundable. Schultz testified before a parliamentary committee in Hamburg that he could not recall the specific content of several meetings with bank owners in 2016 and 2017. However, exercising influence would be a “political folly” – said the head of the Ministry of Finance. – I have no inclination to do so – he asserted, as he spoke of baseless and contrived allegations.

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The investigative committee was formed after the meetings of Olaf Scholz with the owners of Warburg, Max Warburg and Christian Olearius, which appeared thanks to press publications. It was about entries in Olearius’ memoirs. These records were seized in an investigation against the banker on suspicion of serious tax evasion.


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