The person in question is a traveler returning from South Africa, coming from an area in the south hissIncluding, inter alia, gatherings from Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden and Mainz – ARD TV reports.

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According to the authorities in Hessian state, an infected person has arrived Frankfurt From South Africa on November 21. in time South Africa It has not been classified as a high-risk area or distribution area new variable. According to the findings of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the person diagnosed with the infection was fully vaccinated, but within a week symptoms of infection appeared and he underwent examinations – he was transferred.

Omikron has reached Germany. How many cases have been identified so far?

On Saturday, the Max von Pettenkouver Institute in Munich said it had discovered Omikron with two travelerswho traveled from South Africa on November 24. According to virologist Oliver Kepler, the whole genome of the new variant was not performed in these cases, but “it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that this is the variant.”

Friday World Health Organization The new variant of the Omicron coronavirus, first reported in South Africa, has been classified as “annoying”.

Italy: the patient with Omicron is vaccinated

Doctors determine the patient’s health as good southern ItalyWho, after arriving from Africa, was diagnosed with the country’s first infection with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the country on Saturday. The man was vaccinated against COVID-19. His family is also doing well, including two children.

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All adults in this family are vaccinated.

– The situation is under control, patient zero and his relatives have a very small amount of the virus, which in the case of adults is related to the fact that after two doses vaccinations – explained on Sunday the head of the health services of the city of Caserta in the campaign Ferdinando Rosso.

Classes attended by children of the affected male were directed to quarantine.

“It is normal for the Omikron variant to appear”

famous italian Virus world Ilaria Capua, who works at the University of Florida, said the appearance of the Omikron variant is normal. “I have said many times that this virus will not go away, I have also repeated it with great frustration and resentment, and it has,” she told daily La Stampa.

There is nothing surprising about what is happening, it has been the case in other epidemics and other infectious diseases. I don’t understand the surprise, said Capua.

– We know that the greater the spread of the virus among the unvaccinated population, the more variants (new – PAP) can be isolated. She noted that we know that the vaccination rate in Africa is very low, some variants are burning a lot, and it is not said that this will be the last.

In the opinion of a distinguished expert, it should be analyzed omicronBefore you begin to “terrorize people and sound the alarm.”

Europeans must realize that the only tool we have is Serum – She added.

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