In order to contain the fourth wave of the pandemic in the fall and winter, preventive measures are needed “to protect the health care system from being overburdened and to protect groups of people who cannot yet be vaccinated from potentially dangerous disease” – the ministry’s report wrote sent to the Bundestag and trade unions reached by the agency dpa.

Masks still in 2022

However, health restrictions will have to be more moderate than in the fall and winter of 2020 due to an advanced vaccination campaign. “It is unlikely that severe blockage will be necessary, as in the case of the second and third (epidemic) waves,” the report said.

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Specific measures to protect against infection include, but are not limited to, continuous adherence to the three basic principles of social distancing and hygiene and wearing masks “constantly and regardless of disease.” The wearing of a medical face mask may be required until spring 2022 – especially on local, long-distance and retail public transport – “for all, including those who have been vaccinated and recovered”.

From the beginning or from mid-September, participation in certain areas of public life “should be possible only if the following principle is respected: vaccination, healing or testing. This includes gastronomy, hotel accommodation, sports, and large indoor and outdoor events” – he writes d b a.

Fourth wave “on the horizon”

Depending on the progress of the vaccination program and the pace of the spread of the coronavirus, unvaccinated people should consider additional restrictions, such as exclusion from participation in events and bans on entry to restaurants.

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The German Ministry of Health further explains: “The fourth wave is looming – although it is still (!) at a low level. In addition to the increased rate of infection in returning travelers, the behavior of (…) the population is now gradually approaching that of pre-pandemic times. Seasonal strengthening effects of the virus may also appear in the fall and winter. “The main question, then, is: How far will this fourth wave be? We will decide now,” the report said.

The meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states on August 10 will be devoted to combating the rising infection rates.

3.5 thousand new cases in Germany

Commenting on the ministry’s plans, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote on Wednesday: “People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, of course, cannot be harmed. Nor should they pay for their examinations. But they do not want to take them. They benefit from it. They cannot reap the benefits. The vaccination campaign is constantly at the expense of the general public, taking advantage of vaccinating others and avoiding even minimal vaccination risks.”

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On Wednesday, the Berlin Robert Koch Institute reported 3,571 new cases of coronavirus in Germany. A week ago, the number was 2,768. According to the new data, there were 25 deaths from Covid-19 across Germany in the past 24 hours. A week ago, there were 21 deaths from the coronavirus.

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