Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominated the first day of talks between the leaders of the Group of Seven nations. On this occasion, G7 leaders mocked the “macho portrait” of President Vladimir Putin, according to Reuters.

Opening the first three-day summit meeting on an exceptionally hot Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked if it was “possible to ditch the jackets and move on”.

“We all have to show that we are stronger than Putin,” Johnson joked. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed in response to “riding bare-chested”.

It is reported that Vladimir Putin, proud of his sports image, was photographed several times without a shirt in photos published by Russian state media. The most famous of these is a photograph of Putin, which shows him sitting on a horse with a gold chain on his bare torso and army pants.

G7 summit in Germany

The heads of state and government of the seven major industrialized nations met at the G7 summit at Elmau Castle in Bavaria, Germany. The first item on the agenda is the World Trade Consultation.

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Earlier, “In the Beautiful Sun”, guests of the G7 summit took official photos with Federal Chancellor Olaf Schultz and his wife Britta Ernst – they wrote the ARD portal.

Even before the official start of the summit, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, called for a solution to the conflict over grain supplies from Ukraine. “We don’t need letters, we need actions,” said Michel at Elmao. He stressed the need to lift the blockade of Ukrainian ports. “We have to prevent crop fields from being turned into battlefields,” he said.

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