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He fell for a scam, although he officially died a year ago. He was arrested

devices tax You often find it difficult to sue tax fraudsters. So the minister Finance The state of Baden-Württemberg gave Daniel Bayaz the green light to launch the first century Germany A portal through which financial offices can receive guidance from citizens. Until now, officials in Baden-Württemberg have often used such information. – In this way, we can better prosecute tax fraud and ensure greater tax justice – says politician Bayaz Green. – In addition, we are advancing in terms of digitization and enabling simple communication between the tax administration and citizens – he said.

Until now, officials have been receiving information by phone, in writing, or directly.

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Offices want more investigations

According to the ministry, the new portal should help citizens deal with the administration “digitally, securely and at the same time anonymously and confidentially.” Presenting ‘Questions and Orders“This would be possible via a digital mailbox, because previous denunciations often lacked the information required by tax offices. Access to the sender should be ‘excluded’. – This creates additional confidence – explains the ministry. The investigation.

Karsten Linemann, vice-president of the Christian Democrats’ Club in the Bundestag, fears that it will, on the contrary, arouse “a greater degree of distrust”. “It would be a disaster if the finance minister pushed for something like this at the federal level,” the politician said.

Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Democratic Party and Leader of the Liberals in Baden-Württemberg, Michael Thurer, spoke of a “guardian mentality” that would have a negative impact on society.

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The SPD’s fiscal policy spokesman, Lothar Bending, said the SPD had in the past rejected the idea of ​​creating a “guideline gate” at the federal level. It would be a “cultural step backwards”. A gate like the one in Baden-Württemberg develops “distrust, aversion and serfdom”.

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budget losses

Luisa Schlossen, a German expert on unofficial distribution for Transparency, considers criticism of the site “completely misplaced”. Scientific research shows that anonymous convictions are never used for defamation. Tax fraud is a crime punishable by law. It is estimated that in Germany bud You lose 50 billion euro per year, explains Schlossen. Information from the public is critical for the detection of these crimes – the expert emphasizes.

It points to international agreements, such as the United Nations Convention against Corruption, that require the creation of channels for citizens to report tax fraud.

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