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Arctic ice is dying, and carbon dioxide levels are at record levels. Climate has entered major politics. “Excel table convinces”

German diplomatic chief Heiko Maas will not make any concessions in the dispute with him United States of America About the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Maas told the German news agency DPA: “There is no need to talk about European sovereignty if you understand that it is doing what Washington wants in the future.” The Social Democrat indicated that the White House was throwing the change on January 20, 2021 when the Democrat was Joe Biden He will sit in the chair. “Government German It will not change its position on Nord Stream 2, the German Foreign Minister stressed

The Court of Appeal rejected Gazprom’s complaint. It is about the arbitration award with PGNiG

Joe Biden Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline of 1,200 km is 94 percent ready. In the future, it may move from Russia To Germany, 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. However, the United States is trying to stop construction with sanctions and threatening companies involved in the construction. The Americans justify their stance by concerns that their European partners are too dependent on Russian gas. In contrast, supporters of the gas pipeline accuse the Americans of wanting to sell LNG better only in Europe.

Such as Donald TrumpAlso Joe Biden against Nord Stream 2.

The head of the German diplomacy stated that in the future there will be issues on which there will be no agreement between Germany and the United States. “It is important to have a common position on the main strategic and geopolitical issues,” Heiko Maas said.

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Two percent of GDP is for defense

During President Trump’s four-year tenure, German-American relations deteriorated due to numerous contentious issues. Trump accused Germany, above all, of insufficient investment in defense. Once again, no change is expected when Biden moves to the White House.

The head of German diplomacy acknowledged that NATO’s goal is for each member state to devote 2% of its GDP to defense. He also stressed that as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, all countries must reorganize their financial resources. “Then it will be possible to talk about what that means for the process and the goal as a whole,” he said.

The German regulator used a new European Union law to free the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Russia from European antitrust requirements for 20 yearsGermany. Construction of Nord Stream 2. will resume this year

nuclear deterrent

Heiko Maas also referred to the issue of Germany’s participation in NATO’s nuclear deterrent potential, which his party, the Social Democrats, is questioning. Mas stressed the need to take into account the security needs of neighboring countries. “There is a little bit of it in this entire debate. We say we are Germany, “We do not want to participate in this nuclear project, and we have to think about what it means to our partners,” Maas said, referring to Poland and Russia’s Baltic countries that feel threatened by them.

There are still about 20 American atomic bombs stored in the German Buechel in the Eifel region (Rhineland-Palatinate). SPD politicians have repeatedly called for their withdrawal.

In the event of a crisis, Bundeswehr combat aircraft would be able to access this arsenal.

The article comes from the site German wave.

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