The German chancellor, Olaf Schulz, confirmed that he sees Germany in a leadership role. “We are well aware of the geopolitical consequences of our decision on the European Union,” he wrote. He stressed that in the face of Russian aggression, we must unite and that Berlin is ready to lead the European Union.

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“The European Union is the living opposite of imperialism and tyranny,” Schulz stated in a guest article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He assessed that, therefore, the European Union should become a geopolitical union, and on this basis Germany will take charge of Europe and the world.

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A politician from the Social Democratic Party wrote: “Leadership can only mean: at the same time in every sense of the word.” He pointed out that this means full integration Germany, as a country that connects East, West, North and South Europe, can guarantee this.

The European Union responded unanimously to Russia’s aggression and imposed tough, unprecedented sanctions. They work a little more every day. Nor should Putin delude himself: It has been clear to us from the start that we may have to keep our sanctions in place for a long time,” Schultz wrote.

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The chancellor said it was finally “We are ending our energy dependence on Russia.”

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We’ve already achieved this with charcoal. We want to stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year. In the case of gas, the share of imports from Russia has already decreased from 55 to 30 percent. ” He noted.

“This path is not easy, even for a country as powerful and rich as ours,” Schultz stressed.

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