Georgina Rodriguez is one of the much loved WAG bands. The beloved Manchester United player has grown in popularity since she started dating the Portugal national team star, and she is currently viewed by 35.5 million people on Instagram. The Argentine woman is very active on social media, mainly sharing stories from her private life, as it was this time.

Georgina Rodriguez wrote on her Instagram profile: “The perfect weekend with the ones I love most in the world. My dad is missing.” The partner of the Manchester United player probably celebrated with her children Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Great Britain on March 27. Georgina Rodriguez performs the role of a mother, and motherhood is very important to her.

Georgina Rodriguez in her latest entry has posted some photos, but also recordings that show her and her children raising with the former Juventus Torino player. The first photo shows Georgina Rodriguez with Cristiano Jr, Alana, Eva and Mateo on the football field. It is undeniable that the large belly of a woman who will soon give birth to twins is also noteworthy. The following pictures show, among others, flowers and cards that children have prepared for their mother.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have been married since 2016. The fruit of their love is the daughter of Alan Martin, who turned four in November last year. The couple also raised three children from the footballer, who were born thanks to the so-called surrogate: twins Eva and Mateo, born in June 2017, and 11-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. At the end of October last year, the former Juventus star from Turin and his girlfriend announced that they were expecting twins. The Argentine will give birth to a son and a daughter. The date of birth of Georgina Rodriguez is unknown, but all indications are that the day of the birth of the beloved Portuguese is fast approaching.


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