Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili is in Washington on a mission to provide American support for her country if Russia tries to extend its aggression beyond Ukraine. She spoke about this in an interview with the portal “The Hill”.

The American newspaper indicates that the matter is ambiguous Explosions in the breakaway region of Transnistria supported by Russia In Moldova she highlighted the tensions in Russia’s neighbors.

According to Zurabishvili Moscow is currently unable to mobilize forces for the next operation. “He can still get on his nerves, and that’s what he’s doing in Transnistria, trying to sow fear and destabilize the population.”

In the opinion of the Georgian president, Russia shows that even if it focuses on Ukraine, it does not forget about Moldova and its country.

Our Western partners must not forget Georgia Zurabishvili resumed.

Last week, Hill recalled, a senior separatist official in the Russian-backed region of South Ossetia in northern Georgia called for a referendum.

Zurabishvili took it for granted Direct action from Putin’s guide to annexation of Crimea From 2014. She hoped that Georgia would be of interest to President Joe Biden’s administration, which would send an “important signal” to Moscow.

Today we are not talking about increasing military aid (…), but we are talking more about showing political support for Georgia and Moldova Zurabishvili explained.