General Summary of the Work of the University Center for Religious Freedom Research in the UK – Meeting with Minister Przemyslav Czarnik


Today is March 2 this year. Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik participated in the meeting summarizing the year of operation of the UKSW University Center for Religious Freedom Research in Warsaw. The event also introduced new research plans and challenges that will be implemented by UCBWR.

– If a man is not allowed to act according to his conscience, if a person is harassed only because he wants to convert to a certain religion and live his spiritual life in complete freedom, then a serious problem begins, which subsequently leads to armed conflicts and suffering of the innocent – said Przemyslav Kzarnik during the meeting.

In his speech, the president of Maine emphasized that religious freedom is the foundation of all other freedoms. It includes freedom of conscience, religion, religious ideas and practices, and the upbringing of children according to their view of the world.

Father also attended the meeting. the professor. Doctor Hub. Ryszard Czekalski, Dean of UKSW, as well as Sr. Dr. Hebb, A.; UKSW Waldemar Cisło, Director of UCBWR.

Summary of UCBWR Activities

The UKSW University Center for Religious Freedom Research is the only research center of this kind in Poland and Europe. The UCBWR activity opened a year ago. During this period, the Center implemented several initiatives. Among them:

  • Published nine scientific publications,
  • Organizing seven international and applied scientific and national conferences,
  • – Submitting applications for registration of two (annual) journals dedicated to religious freedom, which will be used to publish the results of scientific research,
  • Conducting research related to preparing specific proposals to defend the right to religious freedom, to address manifestations of intolerance and to assist people who are subjected to discrimination on religious grounds,
  • Working on a project whose main objective is an interdisciplinary study of religious freedom from a Polish and European perspective.
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University Center for Religious Freedom Research UKSW

The UKSW University Center for Research on Religious Freedom in Warsaw was founded on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science in 2021. The center conducts interdisciplinary research and monitors the observance of religious freedom in countries where this problem is most pronounced. Scientific research on the foundations of religious freedom is conducted in the fields of philosophy, theology, law, sociology, political science, educational sciences, and psychology.


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