Shelters, the platform structure and the stairs leading to it were renovated. However, the first step is only one meter above the ground. In any case, there is no point in going there, because the trains have not stopped at a stop for more than a dozen years. So why renew the Gdańsk Kolonia platform? – This is the consolidation of the history of railways in the city space – says PKP Polskie spokesperson Linie Kolejowe.

The currently renovated tunnel connects Narwicka Boulevard and Kochanovsky Boulevard in Gdask. There are also stairs that lead to Gdańsk Kolonia station. The platform has also been renovated, although it was closed years ago. The same applies to stairs that start from a height of more than a meter above the ground. As it turned out, they will also be covered with a net, so that no one will be able to get in there.

We received photos and recordings of the station on Kontakt24.

Przemysław Zieliński, spokesperson for PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, explains why a station needs to be renovated where trains don’t stop and no one can see them. – Gdańsk Kolonia station preserves the history of railways in the city space. The facility will no longer perform any functions related to passenger transportation for several years, but it will facilitate communication for residents thanks to the underground passage – he says.

Gdansk Cologne stop 20.08 |call 24

Renew a platform that no one will be able to see

The renovation of the crossing, with the abandoned platform, was agreed with the local superintendent of antiquities and the designer. – In the inactive stopping area and unused stairs, the corridor has been deepened, and historical and original elements, including granite stairs, have been preserved and restored. The space between the stairs and the lower corridor will be secured with a net – says Zieliński.

He adds that – according to the recommendations of the antiquities governor – the historical elements were preserved during the renovation process. Hence the need to restore the staircase as it was. Shelters, tunnel entrances and the platform itself were also restored – the speaker adds.

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Closed stop in Gdansk call 24

The portal was the first to report the unusual downtime. He also showed pictures from 2008 showing the one meter gap between the stairs and the ground. About ten years ago, there was an additional level in the tunnel, which has now been removed.

The deadline to start operating the tunnel is October 2021.

Main image source: call 24