The echoes of Jarosin’s victory in the prestigious Grand Prix in the competition for the best state-of-the-art public venue in Wielkopolska still reverberate. The official award ceremony was held in Poznan during the 14th edition of the National Conference Planner Day. The award was received by the Deputy Mayor of Jarosin, Robert Zukovsky.

Let us remind you that the Jarocin Grand Prix in the competition for the best developed public space in Greater Poland was awarded as part of the eleventh edition of the competition “The Best Developed Public Space in Greater Poland”. The project is organized by the Association of Polish Town Planners, a branch in Pozna, and is sponsored by the Marshal of Wielkopolska County. The competition jury headed by Dr. Hub. Łukasz Mikuła, head of the TUP Pozna branch, in addition to the main prize – the Grand Prix of the Jarosin commune, also received the first, second and third prizes.

Pozna city planners classified the re-evaluation of Radoliński Park with the top green amphitheater.

– It is our great honor and appreciation for the comprehensive activities carried out under the ECOlogiczny Jarocin motto. I am glad that new green plantings have been widely observed in our town, that Radoliński Park has been enriched with many different types of plants and new trees, and has become one of the most beautiful parks in Greater Poland – confirms Mayor Jarosin, Adam Paulicki. – And we haven’t finished the EKOplan yet, because the following parks will be activated any day soon.

The municipality of Jarosín was appreciated for the extensive and comprehensive re-evaluation of Radoliński Park, with a deep sense of the natural and historical values ​​of the place. The use of high quality technical solutions and apparent attention to detail is emphasized by the Jarosin local government. The new runway was also distinguished by its light, modern and attractive shape. Also the fact that the object is well integrated into the spatial context, near the ruins of a street church. Spirit. The jury also noted the sheer size and adequacy of the new green plantings, avoiding paved surfaces and protecting the compositional elements. Maintaining natural neighborhoods as animal sanctuaries, as well as displaying the most valuable trees by placing them under archaeological protection, increases the environmental value of the investment. – The implementation is an excellent example of creating a public space that provides residents with high functional, educational, aesthetic, natural and cultural values ​​- we read in the justification published by the Poznan branch of the Polish Town Planners Association.

Winners of prizes and decorations in the competition – Best Developed Public Space in Wielkopolska “:
Jarocin Commune Grand Prix for Implementation: Reassessment of Radoliński Park in Jarocin with a green amphitheater.

The first prize was awarded to the city of Pozna for the implementation of: “Zasadzka na Fyrtle” – a program for the creation of local squares in the city center – Phase I.
The second prize was awarded to the Musina commune for implementation: Przystanek Glinianki.
The third prize was awarded to the city and commune of Krotoszyn for the implementation of: Square DOM – We act – We relax – We stimulate

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Awards were awarded to:
Krobia Commune to implement: Reviving a decrepit post-industrial facility and space for an old gas plant with new social functions.

Leszno City of Implementation: Development of the Green Zone in the Mujahideen. January 17 in Liszno.
Wieleń Municipality to implement: Nowe Miasto NA NOWO.

source: Articles sent by local government units. PAP SA is not responsible for the content of this information.