At the end of July, Fiji won the seven-man rugby tournament for the second time in a row. Now the union there has reported that Welshman Gareth Baber has decided not to extend the contract, which expires in November.

In the final match of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Fijian team defeated New Zealand 27:12. Five years ago, in the gold-medal match in Rio de Janeiro, she defeated Great Britain in a ratio of 43:7.

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Fiji rugby union general manager John O’Connor admitted that Baber had been offered a new contract for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but he refused to accept it. “We fully respect his decision and thank you for your work in rugby and Fiji as a whole. I know he has expressed his desire to coach a professional team of 15 players,” he added.

Rugby with a seven-seat debut at the Olympics in 2016. England’s Ben Ryan led Fiji to success in Rio.


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