Recruitment extension – how do you get support?

Currently, the leading authorities have submitted applications to Voivodes for more than 95% of schools. Our goal is to equip 100% of the schools with the latest equipment. Therefore, the recruitment deadline has been extended to the end of November 2021.

The application can be submitted via the website.

In order to receive support, schools submit their reports to their leading bodies, which then submit to the relevant Voivodeship District for support. In applications, schools and local governments provide only basic data, and the entire process is carried out electronically. Applications are screened on an ongoing basis so that funds are immediately delivered to the schools. Support is provided entirely in advance, with no special contribution required. At the same time, it is planned to spend at least 60% of the support received by a given entity by the end of 2021, and no more than 40% in 2022.

“Labs of the Future” – a program implemented in the framework of the “Polish deal”

“Laboratoria Przyszłość” is an initiative aimed at primary schools throughout Poland. Thanks to the programme, schools will receive funding to purchase state-of-the-art tools that support talent discovery and the development of future competencies, such as collaboration, interdisciplinary, creativity and problem-solving.

The program is implemented under the “Polish deal”. The government will allocate over PLN 1 billion to support schools – first for schools run by local governments, and then for non-public schools as well.

Support for more than 3 million students!

Support is granted according to the size of the schools. Lead authorities may receive up to:

  • 30 thousand zlotys – In the case of schools with up to 100 students (5168 students and 292,457 students)
  • 60 thousand zlotys – In the case of schools with 101 to 200 students (3,492 students and 495,017 students)
  • 70 thousand zlotys – In the case of schools from 201 to 234 students (659 students and 142,467 students)
  • PLN 300 per student – In the case of schools with 235 students (4,678 males and 2131451 males).

This means that all schools in Poland will receive at least PLN 300 per student. Small schools will receive additional financial support in line with their needs, in line with the principle of sustainable development. In total, more than 3 million students will benefit from this initiative 15 thousand schools.

Support planned modernization of schools

Work is currently underway on legal regulations, according to which basic equipment is provided for “laboratories of the future”, incl. 3D printers and microcontrollers must be mandatory in all primary schools in Poland from September 1, 2022.

The “Future Laboratories” program has a real impact on the future of Polish education. Thanks to this, the administrative authorities will be able to fully finance not only the purchase of basic equipment, but also additional equipment of their choice – from tools for manual labor, through virtual reality glasses, to educational aids.

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