Fans do not doubt that the true heavyweight king will only be determined by the showdown between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. However, the negotiations between the British crew were not easy, because the camps of Oleksandr Ossek and Deontay Wilder had claims.

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Wach compares Fury to Joshua

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Osik, who should theoretically be AJ’s closest competitor, is likely to compete with Joe Joyce (12-0, 11 KOs) for the WBO belt, but on a temporary basis. The winner will have the title on his hip, and the mandatory contender for the winner will remain in Joshua vs. Fury. There is also another option – the best of the two, Joshua vs Fury, the next day to unite all belts will claim the WBO title, after which the interim champion (Usyk or Joyce) will be declared a full champion. Eddie Hearn, AJ promoter, recently talked about it.

In turn, Bob Arum, co-promoter of “King of the Gypsies”, admits that the third fight with Wilder could take place, and the case is not over, but at the same time ensures that on the legal side Wilder and his team have no chance to prevent Tyson from uniting with Anthony.

The head of Top Rank said, “Without going into details, the third Fury vs Wilder fights are taking place, but I can assure you that no one and nothing can stop Fury’s fight against Joshua.”

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Joshua and Fury will make big bucks

It is known that in the first battle evenly, and in the rematch by 60 to 40 in favor of the winner in the first battle. at love It comes in nearly $ 200 million. At least that’s what Arum says, indicating that Fury and Joshua would make $ 100 million a person. The battle is scheduled to take place in the early evening US time, indicating late evening in and around midnight in Europe. But while two Englishmen will be fighting, it will not be Great Britain.

“If they had a clash in England, they would both lose about half of their salary,” Hearn explains. So you can guess that the battle for the four championship belts of the royal category will take place in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is the most serious candidate so far. Joshua had actually fought Andy Ruiz there in the rematch as he restored the belts of the International Boxing Association, the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Association. The WBC title after the victory over Wilder belonged to Fury.

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