The developers from Polish 11-bit studios have officially announced Frostpunka 2 ?? The sequel to a well-received strategy and survival game in which we struggled with a lukewarm atmosphere. The title will be released on PC and available on Steam,, and the Epic Games Store. Unfortunately, we didn’t know when the premiere would be, even an approximate one. You can watch the trailer below.

Involved Frostpunka 2 It will be settled 30 years after the events of One. The Earth still has a harsh and frosty climate, and the resources to survive are high. Players will take on the role of a leader who strives to expand a city that needs new sources of energy. The oil deposits in Frostland may offer a chance for survival, but their conquest has not been approved by all groups of the multi-layered society.

The creators announced that We will have to resolve the conflicts arising from the different expectations of the different factions. It is possible that in order to calm the mood, it may be necessary to play with a strong hand and practice Machiavellian politics. The more efficiently we can present the system, the better prepared we will be for the next frost wave.

Jacob Stolarsky, one of the directors Frostpunka 2And He said About the new game 11 bit studio as follows:

Our goal is to provide players with an experience that goes beyond the original experience Frostpunka. As our team of around 70 people grows, we have more workforce to focus on all aspects of the game: size, skill level or quality of player experience, but our main ambition is to create something?? More than just continuity. What players should expect is a wide range of choices, the freedom to shape the community and the city in your own way, and bear the consequences of your decisions. Frostpunk 2 It is based on the conflicts from the previous section: Survival vs. Human Values, Life vs. Frost in the Arctic. But most importantly, it adds a new layer present in many aspects of the game. Is it in politics, society or technological progress? The conflict between peoples and their nature.

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If you haven’t played the first one yet Frostpunka And you want to check if the title is worth buying, you can test it for free on Steam starting today? Until August 16, 19:00. If you like production, you will buy it at 70% off.