April this year could be the coldest in Germany since weather research began in 1881. Currently, the average monthly temperature is 5.6 ° C. Frost is expected in early May.

“April this year may be the coldest April since I started weather research in 1881. The average temperature per month is now 5.6 degrees. According to the new climate average, the normal range from 1991 to 2020 is 9.0 degrees. We are far from Meteorologist Dominic Jung of the Q.met Weather Service told the Bild daily that the previous climate average was 7.4 degrees Celsius from 1961-1990. Germany is in a cold trap.

“It’s very cold. April is cooler than March and has more days than December and November combined. Frost threatens the whole country again, except for the coast” – climate scientist Dr. Karsten Brandt of Donnerwetter.

On the other hand, meteorologist Juergen Schmidt of the WeatherContour company noted in an interview with the daily newspaper “Bild”: “The cause of all cold stages is a large area of ​​cold in the upper layers, which is located over northern Scandinavia and northwestern Russia. It was very stable there for weeks and still sending cold air to us also in Central Europe. ”

Also in the first week of May, it will be cold at night with ground frost. By May 10, Brandt said, “Everything will be wet, cold and unpleasant.”

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Meteorologist Schmidt has little hope, too: “There are now indications that it might be very cold until mid-May, and after that, hopefully (…), things will get better.”

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