The record for the coldest July in Poland was broken last Monday in the Tatra Mountains in Litworowy Koci, where minus 5.7 degrees Celsius was recorded. days in a row – Kamil Filippovsky told PAP.

Filipovsky added that the current record for the cold in July in Poland, which was set in 1996 in Hala Izzerska, was -5.5 degrees Celsius.

Łowcy Mrozu conducts research under the supervision of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology, Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Cairo University. Adam Mickiewicz in Pozna began taking temperatures in the so-called frost Tatras – in Litworowy and Mułowy Kocioł on June 20 this year.

As explained by PAP Filipowski, the phenomenon of extremely low temperatures in Litworowy Koci during hot weather actually applies to the entire Wierchy red massif in the Western Tatras, due to the combination of post-glacial cauldron formations with karst phenomena.

“There are many places like this in the Alps. In the Tatras, it is a unique massif. Water drains into an underground rift system, and instead of lakes, there are dry boilers where cold air can accumulate. Low temperatures are due to The phenomenon of radiation reflection at ground level with an orographic effect. This reflection works in the absence of clouds, and improves as the water vapor content in the air decreases. Czerwonych Wierchów boilers have the advantage of being higher than other frosts in Poland and are comparable to alpine frosts “- explained Filipowski.

He added that more cold records are undoubtedly expected there.

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“It is a matter of clear dry weather with a relatively cold air mass, and when it snows, perhaps Mułowy Kocioł will also join the cold recording competition with Litworowy Kocioł” – he added.

A research project aimed at measuring temperatures in the frost Tatras was started by “Frost hunters”: Arnold Jakubczyk, Kamil Filipovsky and Michal Vrubel. The head of the research group is Dr. Bartosz Czernici from the Department of Meteorology and Climatology at the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University in Pozna. Investigators expect to record winter cold records. Currently, the coldest record in Poland is minus 40.6 degrees Celsius, which was recorded in Żywiec 1929.

PAP – Science in Poland, Szymon Bafia

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