The British have yet to forget the threatening message from the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow that we will be facing an intolerable rise in temperatures in two weeks. In the far south of this city, events have reminded us that at least Winter had a different opinion on the matter.

Here last weekend, Friday night, the English elite gathered at the historic 17th-century Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales. The goal was to have fun, drink drinks and listen to the music of one of the best bands in this country. It is a complex of unremarkable brick, interconnected, one-story buildings with pitched roofs, but they are fully equipped from the inside.

Perched on top of a gentle, treeless hill of the same name, this lodge is the highest object of its kind in England (528 meters above sea level). 60 people gathered there. On Friday night, 10 guests left the building for family reasons, as the blizzard associated with the appearance of the northern atmospheric front Storm Arwen began. The others played until dawn.

When they had had enough of all the entertainment, they wanted to go home. Imagine their surprise when it turned out that the exit door from the building could not be opened and the windows on the ground floor were covered in snow. Fortunately, the inn was well stocked with food and firewood, so he wouldn’t starve or freeze. This situation lasted from Friday to Monday morning (29.11).

Rescue teams at that time were making their way with snow plows. Earlier, a helicopter visited here, and its crew dug out the door of the inn’s door and took one of the guests who felt unwell.

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Perhaps this is a trivial adventure for us, in winter there is usually a lot of snow in Poland. However, the British media, led by BBC News, widely describe these events as a snow trap, because nothing like it happened there so long ago. Unless only in the London theater, where Agatha Christie’s play “Mouse Trap” has not been released in 70 years, it also takes place in a snow-covered guesthouse.

Of course, this theatrical snow only cut off the connection with the neighboring city, but it was far from the actual events of the year at Tan Hill Inn. What’s more, nothing like that happened there in November, with the average snowfall so far this month only around 5 mm.

Vast areas of Great Britain, and not only the Yorkshire Dales, suffered from Strorm Arwen. The storm, described as the worst in 20 years, killed at least three people. Strong winds and blizzards also devastated Britain’s power grid, causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose power.

Tom Morgan of the Met Office said in an interview on Sunday: “When Storm Irwin travels to Europe, it leaves the UK with cold north winds, causing temperatures to drop. In parts of Scotland and northern England where there is snow, it will be very cold again. Another night, the temperature is sure to dip below zero, or even below 10 degrees Celsius, making it the coldest night of the season so far.”

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