Vernissage at the Museum in Nysa – It will be your last chance to meet Ryszard Druch right before he leaves for the States. Starting Friday at 5 pm.

This exhibition was scheduled to take place there last year, but unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the plans. Ryszard Druch presents the achievements of the 30th anniversary of the work in exile. – Named “Ryszard Druch – Made in USA 1991-2021. Caricature – Drawing – Poster – Promotion of Polish Culture”. I invite you to the District Museum in Nysa.

A completely different – not cynical character was the previous projects that Richard Drusch realized during his brief stay in his homeland. As we expected – move Ryshard. In one day he managed to organize two events across the ocean. One serious – in the museum and the other entertainment in “Muzyczna Stodoła”.

He spoke at the Opole University Museum about the American cases of Cyprien Kamel Norroid. This is just part of the story richly illustrated with current photographs of places relating to Norroid’s residence in the United States.

The second thread of Dorsch’s story was the story of a New York painting dedicated to Norroid – a painting to which he contributed greatly. Let’s add that the origin of this painting is contained in the Collegium Maius of the University of Opole.

Richard Drusch would not have been the same if he had not invited to a similar event the actors, poets and musicians he knew, and who decorated his story with their performances. So there was a friend of the artist – the poet Hari Duda.

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We cannot do without music. So there was the violinist Barbara Piotrovska Perciak and the pianist Professor. Marzena Wójcik-Kaszczyszyn.

There was an actor – Dariush Kokun

Grzegorz Grunwald, a friend of Dorsch, also sang and sang songs for Norroid poems.

The meeting could not be complete without the long-term rector of Opole University, Prof. Stanislav Swimmer Nikia.

But. Not being able to maintain seriousness for long on the same afternoon, Ryszard Drusch invited pianist Liliana Rzkorczyk-Urbaniak to the farmhouse of pianist Liliana Rzkorczyk-Urbanyak in Opole, on Vyjska Street for the concert “Leaving in the Barn” with the participation of host Irina Hodojanek , Grzegorz Grunwald and for only two Polish-American cabaret “Departure”. – Usually there is a larger assortment, but only here Janusz Smolsky came with me, jazz pianist, singer, composer, arranger, songwriter and music teacher – he explains.

Large bread with lard and pickled cucumbers caused a sensation during the meeting.

And the leaders on the stage were: the host, Liliana Rzkorzyk-Urbaniak, accompanied by singer Irina Hodwanik on the piano. Liliana spent her life on artistic trips abroad, finally settling in Opole. She bought an old cottage in Silesia and turned it into a luxury residence. He gets along well with Irina Hodwanik on stage.

Grzegorz Grunwald presented himself in a completely different repertoire than the museum.

Janusz Smolsky, a jazz pianist, and songwriter at “Odlot” cabaret, came mainly from Philadelphia. – Thanks to him, despite numerous troubles, this cabaret survived 15 years – admits Ryszard Druch.

As Ryszard Derutch sang that evening, but we cannot reveal all his secrets …

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Ryszard Druch (born in 1952 in Chełmno) – a resident of Opole since 1961. Graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts and Pedagogical University in Opole (History, 1976). in years 1977-1991 Scout teacher and coach from Opole.

In 1978 he made his first appearance as a cartoonist in the magazines “Opole” and “Motifs”. In 1988 he was accepted into the Association of Polish Cartoonists in Warsaw. He has completed over twenty solo exhibitions of caricature, illustration and drawing in Poland, Hungary and the United States, where he has lived and worked since 1991.

Since 2001 he has been promoting Polish culture and art in the United States by organizing “Art Salons”, which since 2003 have been held at Druch Studio Gallery in Trenton (New Jersey), some in Opole and other Polish cities.

Next year, announced a permanent return to the country

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