American citizen Evan Neumann received refugee status in Belarus – The Belarusian State Press Agency reported. Newman, a native of California, was involved in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

The 48-year-old settled first in Ukraine before arriving in Belarus, where he applied for asylum. He alleged that he was subjected to “political persecution” in the United States. A Belarusian official said he was allowed to stay “indefinitely”.

The video released by the Belarusian state on Tuesday showsAs an immigration officer, he presents Neumann with a document confirming his refugee status.

I feel safe in Belarus. The place is peaceful here, I love the country. Today I have mixed feelings. I am glad that Belarus took care of me. However, I am not satisfied that I found myself in this situation, because I had a lot of problems in my country, Neumann said, citing CNN.

Riots in the Capitol

In July, Newman was charged with six counts, including assaulting police officers. He was charged with two policemen and using an iron barrier to defend during riots at the Capitol.

After hearing the charges, he sold his house and traveled around Europe. He initially settled in Ukraine, but crossed the border with Belarus, which does not have an extradition agreement with the United States.

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