During the Shangri-La Dialogue Forum in Singapore, which ran from Friday to Sunday, the Minister of Defense met China Wei Fengyi with his American counterpart Lloyd Austin. Politicians debated for more than an hour about the independence of the self-governing Taiwan, which China considers an integral part of its territory.

Wei Fengyi has warned the United States that any attempt to gain Taiwan independence from China will lead to military action from Beijing, said BBC.

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He believed that separating Taiwan from China would not leave it to the Chinese Army No choice but to ‘fight at all costs’

The Chinese Defense Minister said: – If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the PLA will have no choice but to fight at any cost and crush all attempts of “Taiwan independence” to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Wei Feng also condemned the US arms sales to Taiwan.

Austin: China’s military activity is ‘provocative and destabilizing’

Lloyd Austin announced that the United States pledged to maintain the status quo, recognize Beijing as China’s sole government and oppose Taiwan independence. At the same time, he stressed, you cannot try to resolve tensions by force.

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Austin also described China’s military activity as “provocative and destabilizing.” This is the first meeting of the defense leaders of the United States and China.

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The two sides said that the talks went smoothly and took place in a cordial atmosphere. Austin also noted that it is necessary for the United States to keep the lines of communication fully open with the Chinese military to avoid any confusion.

Biden pledges to help defend Taiwan

3 weeks ago Joe Biden Visit JapanWhere he referred to the independence of Taiwan. The US leader said any attempt by China to use force against Taiwan would be similar to what happened in Ukraine.

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“America is committed to the one-China policy, but this does not mean that China has the right to use force to control Taiwan,” the US president said, adding, “He expects this not to happen.” Joe Biden also stated that the United States would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it was attacked by China. – Stressed this is the commitment we made.

China expressed its “strong dissatisfaction and opposition” to Biden’s remarks, stressing that it would not allow any outside force to interfere in its “internal affairs.”