Abe Lincoln

Potus 16, the issuer of the Emancipation Proclamation, is an unwise theatrical visitor. But most importantly, he delivers an exciting speech – not unlike the Gettysburg address – to report the history of Bill and Ted … despite their kidnapping of him.

Bell S Preston Esq

One of our honorary heroes, played by Alex Winter. Noticeable with a canyon touch, prone to wearing crop tops (And therefore For now) in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989).

K circle

Stranger things in full swing here. A chain of convenience stores in the US, this is where our heroes encounter Rufus for the first time, their future selves and a particular phone box.

Staff, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Staff, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Photo: Ronald Grant


If there’s a villain in Excellent Adventure, it’s this guy. Sinister and unsupportive, he threatens to send Ted to military school if he doesn’t make history. heinous.

Evil robot to us

The villainous henchmen in Bogus’ Journey by Bill and Ted (1991), they – on spoiled alert – completely kill Bill and Ted, and take their place in order to change the future.


Father of modern psychology – pronounced “froud”. He offers Bell a psychoanalysis, who politely refuses to self-diagnose his “Minor Oedipus Complex” (see Macy).

grim Reaper

Soul collector for the newly deceased, really bad at board games, and best double bass player for Wild Stalines.


Not a nice place – a bit like Megadeth’s album cover. Where the worst fears are fulfilled and the shocks are restored forever. Basically, IKEA is on a Sunday.

Bill and Ted with their daughters, Billy and Tia, in Bill & Ted Face The Music.
Bill and Ted with their daughters, Billy and Tia, in Bill & Ted Face The Music. Photo: entertaining / scientific images
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Virgin iron

Not a heavy metal band, but rather the medieval torture tool from which they took their name. Some Royal Ugly Dudes men order Bill and Ted put in one after they are caught.

John of Arc

Warrior, martyr, wishing aerobics trainer. Another one of the B&T hijackers.

King Edward IV

The most likely king of the medieval period our heroes landed in.

Ludwig van Beethoven

He turns 250 this year, but surprisingly skilled in the 1980s, “House of Oven” offers the musical break during the History Report.


Young stepmother of Belle, the source of the Oedipus complex. Messi marries Ted’s father on Bugs Trip and then, faced with music, another guy we know.


The first kidnapper for Bill and Ted is the babysitter for Ted’s younger brother, Deacon. Bonaparte begins throwing tantrums at the ice cream parlor, bowling alley, and water park. Nothing satisfies some tyrants.


Producers and distributors of the first two films. Sold to MGM in 1997, the “vanity card” Orion still appears at the start of the new film.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
He phoned a friend … Baby Billy joins Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. Photo: Allstar / Orion

public telephone

The way our heroes are transported, has not been stolen in any way from Doctor Who. Simply find the required time period in the phone book, dial the number, and make sure the door is closed.


What is a hero without one? In the first movie they must pass the history lesson to prevent the band from splitting up. In the second they must stop dying; And in the third they should save the universe with one song.

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Mentor, wardrobe, and calming attendance. Rufus was sent from 2688 in order to guide Wyld Stallyns to greatness. Played by often-missed George Carlin, Rufus’ successor in the new movie is his daughter Kelly, who plays Kristen Schall.

San Dimas |

Los Angeles Space City and Home of Our Heroes.

Theodore “Ted” Logan

This man of speed.


Her future is at stake if Wild Stalins don’t write the foretold song that will save … she knows … existence. No pressure, guys.

Vasquez Rocks

Where the B&T was thrown to their deaths in a phony trip. Among other users of this site is Hot Shots! Deux, Blazing Saddles and Star Trek part.

Wild Stalin

Bill and Ted Squad. Their music helps put an end to war and poverty, arrange the planets, and bring them to global harmony … which is more than East 17 has ever done.


Look, it’s tough to find a decent entry that starts with an “X”, okay? (E) xcellent is the positive trait that our heroes use on a regular basis, shortly before using the air guitar.

My warship has sunk

Death marvels after losing the first board game Bill and Ted challenged to regain their lives. Other games played include Twister and Cluedo.

ZZ top

The bands featured on the soundtracks include Megadeth, Kiss and Weezer, but ZZ Top is sneaking in here, not just because it’s a hugely informative “Z” game, but because our heroes just look like them in the episodic of Bogus’ Journey … then proceed to play the Kiss song.

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