Traditionally, in winter, smog becomes more severe than during the rest of the year. Local governments interact with it differently.

Already once in December Krakow residents can ride buses and trams around the city for freeBecause the air pollution was very high.

This hasn’t happened in Poznan yet, however Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia supports member communes in emission reduction And improving air quality in the region. Only under the “Urban Program for Reducing Low Emissions” by the end of 2021 will more than 100 million PLN be allocated for this purpose.

Too much dust, you are free to drive

The Crisis Management Center in Krakow announced in mid-December that it would offer free transportation on Wednesday 16 December from 0 to 24. Why? The average air pollution level for PM10 dust has exceeded (50 μg / m3 over a large area of ​​the city.

People who are particularly sensitive to air pollution: children and adolescents under the age of 25, the elderly and the elderly, people with respiratory disorders, asthma patients, allergic skin and eye diseases, people with cardiovascular disorders, and exposed persons Professionally for dust and other pollutants, cigarette smokers should Take precautionary measures – Krakow judge warned.

It is recommended to Avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time To avoid long-term exposure to increased concentrations of pollutants, limit high physical exertion in outdoor spaces, such as exercise and professional activities that increase exposure to pollutants. If you are ill, you must obtain appropriate medicines and follow your doctor’s instructions.

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– We receive information about the launch of free transportation from the city’s public transport regulator, the Public Transport Authority – says Liliana Jaquel from MPK Krakow. It is reported that all air quality information can be tracked continuously on VIEP’s website or on smartphones using the Air Kraków app.

Free calls were not launched in Poznan in December due to high smog level. – There has not been a single case of free calling due to a case where the PM10 dust pollution concentration exceeds the level specified in the relevant city council decision – says Bartosz Trzipatovsky, Poznań ZTM spokesperson.

It is reported that after December 2, 2019 it becomes effective Poznan City Council amending decision on freedom of travel on public transport Regulated during continuous excesses of PM10 dust pollutant concentration.

The information threshold has been reduced from 200 μg / m3 to 100 μg / m3 – says Bartos Terzipatovsky.

He adds that the right to free travel is in effect from 3 to 24 the next day – after the day when the information level of daily PM10 dust pollution concentrations (100 μg / m3) was exceeded for any of the government monitoring stations located in Poznan, and at the same time, for For a given day, the risk of exceeding the limit value is preserved.

Information on the state of the air and possible violations, as well as the possibility of free transportation, are published as part of the “Atmosfera dla Poznania” service on the city’s website.

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They bet on the regional railways

Another solution was chosen in Silesia. – Freedom to travel by public transportation during the so-called smog days One of the actions we performed was in our first year of activity. We have been focusing on More effective activities, Supporting member communes in reducing emissions and improving air quality in our region – says Camila Runowska, spokesperson for Metropolis GZM (Górnoląsko-Zagłębie Metropolis).

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Metropolis puts, among other things, subsidies under the metropolitan “low emissions reduction program”, on which more than 100 million PLN will be spent by the end of 2021, or to develop the metropolitan railway as the most ecological means of transport.

The city will be funded, among other things 15% Private Contribution, if applications are submitted by us to Kolej Plus Will be eligible for funding; In total, it can reach 200 million PLN, and all projects submitted by GZM are worth about 1.7 billion PLN – according to the calculation of the GZM spokesperson.

In addition, Metropolis is focusing on developing low-emission public transportation by purchasing electric vehicles. Thus, after obtaining support from GEPARD II – purchase of 32 electric buses and the construction of a charging station. The total value of the investment is 120 million PLN, and our private contribution is 40 million PLN.

Recently, we also gained new legal powers, thanks to which we will be able to work more effectively to improve air quality. this is The result of our efforts to amend the law supporting thermal modernization and regenerationWhich enables us, as an urban association, to participate with the member communities of the government project to stop the smog – says Camila Ronovska.

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It is reported that drivers no longer need a physical copy of the registration certificate with them, so the procedure for free travel by public transport loses its effectiveness, because documenting the possibility of using a free ride on the basis of the registration certificate does not mean that the car at that time is not used by another person.