The satellite imagery assessment will be used by land registry and mortgage departments for a possible correction of the value of real estate registered there. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, instant checks by tax officials will be reduced to a minimum.

The automated procedure is to enable the communes, when collecting property taxes, to send letters to people who have hidden their possession of additional property – outbuildings or swimming pools. According to French news channel BFMTV, the satellite image analysis test is now underway in nine sections.

In the first test in the Alpes-Maritimes department, 3,000 clusters were detected within a few weeks, and the tax office had no idea they were there. Additionally, since the law was changed last year, in search of tax fraudsters, tax offices can evaluate all the information they share on their social media profiles.

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A new form of tax investigation using satellite imagery is reflected in job advertisements at the Central Tax Office. According to the description of one of the positions, data experts specializing in “getting useful information from images” are hired for the new project.

(dpa / jar), Deutsche Welle’s Polish editorial team

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