French Ministry of Interior Affairs He gave the final results of the second round election presidential. After counting the data from all polling stations, the incumbent president was declared the winner of the vote on Sunday Emmanuel MacronWhich was more than 17 percentage points ahead of the party’s leader, UNP Marine Le Pen.

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France chose. Special Program (April 24)

Presidential elections in France. Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen

Thus, the preliminary results of the vote on Sunday were confirmed. According to the data of the Ministry of the Interior, in the second round of the presidential elections Emmanuel Macron He received 58.54 percent of the vote. 41.46 percent of voters voted for Marine Le Pen. The voter turnout rate was 71.9 percent, the second-worst result in the history of direct presidential elections France.

elections in France. Le Pen loses and talks about “evidence of mistrust”

Emmanuel Macron defeated the leader of the nationalists with the support of the liberal party “En Marche” Marine Le Pen For the second time in a row, although this time it got 8 percentage points less than in Presidential election In 2017. Emmanuel Macron is the fourth president in the history of the fifth country Republicwho managed to win re-election. President Jacques Chirac did so for the last time in 2002. Macron will take over the presidency of France until 2027.

Emmanuel Macron (Illustrative image)Emmanuel Macron appointed president of France. From “Elites Formation” to the Elysee Palace

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Matthew Morawiecki congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his victory

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his victory in the presidential elections in France and his re-election to the presidency.. “Every election is a celebration of democracy. Even after the hottest campaign comes a time for hard work. Poland and France have many challenges and common interests. Time to work on them is before us. The future of Europe is in our hands” – he wrote Matthews Moraveki on Twitter.