“As someone deeply concerned with the fate of Poland, I am concerned about the Polish authorities’ plans to suppress media freedom. Let’s call things by their names, these actions are an attack on democracy and the rule of law, ”Madeleine wrote. Albright on Twitter.

The entry of the former US Secretary of State is considered a comment on the bill that the Polish government intends to impose a new tax on the media. Honor to include internet portals, traditional media, and for example cinemas and companies that offer outdoor advertising. The fee is for covering media outlets with annual revenues exceeding 1 million PLN. In the case of the press, this amount was set at 15 million PLN.

“As a media that has been operating in Poland for many years, we do not shirk our obligations and social responsibility. Every year we pay an increasing number of taxes, fees and charges to the state budget (CIT, value-added tax, emissions fees, organizations that manage copyrights, concessions, frequencies) We also support the most vulnerable in our society with our charitable activities. We support the Poles and the government in fighting the epidemic, both for information and by allocating hundreds of millions of zloty resources for this purpose ”- media representatives write.

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