In an interview with an Italian newspaper, “La Stampa” An American diplomat said so Sanctions are starting to affect RussiaIt gets worse over time. – Moscow is already facing difficulties in repaying its debts, and import lock Some materials and products prevent production precision missiles And other necessity army tools Volcker evaluation.

Referring to the basis of the US-Kiev arms supply strategy, he made it clear that this is the case “Complex” the case. – You not only need to speed up the transmission process, but also the production of various weapons – Says the former US negotiator for Ukraine.

“There is no doubt about it.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky ‘Struggling for The expulsion of Russia from the territory of Ukraine and preserve the sovereignty of your country – Mention. – There is no doubt and no surrender in this regard. And the nation is with him Volcker added.

In his opinion No chance now on me Negotiation The United States with Russian President Vladimir PutinThe Americans do not want them under the current circumstances.

He pointed out that the Europeans “Very interested in keeping it open a dialogue With Putin in the hope that they will persuade him to end the conflict.”

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But, he cautioned, there is a risk that if the deal is done, it cannot be guaranteed.