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October 10, 2021, 17:14

The Twitch platform has reportedly not made security the top priority, so the leak didn’t surprise its former employees.

Twitch source code stolen It has led To disclose sensitive data of the Amazon-owned site, including future plans?? or profits popular influencers. The Verge Editors A gift For people who say they know leaks are inevitable. Former employees of As if they were referring to vulnerabilities years agoBut Twitch did not respond to their voices.

Anonymous sources confirm this Platform management has always been more focused on finance than security issuesAnd they reacted very slowly to all the reports. The platform has also avoided official information about its problems (including keeping quiet about scammers who contacted the banners in 2017).

The staff also expressed reservations about the rallies. They were afraid that their introduction might form an area for abuse. In theory, this functionality allows popular influencers to share their audience with those who are just building their sites. Actually I did it the beginning hostile?? najazdom?? Full of hate speech. The platform management ignored the warnings because they did not want to delay the launch of the new functionality.

Meanwhile, Twitch continues to investigate the leak, blaming an error in changing the configuration of the server that was used to steal the data.

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