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stronghold In the United States he has reason to be happy. In February, there were 72 thousand. Request #%s. This is an increase of 54 thousand. compared to last year.

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In the Mustang Mach-E, the spirit of the Mustang was not lost. We are checking out a new era of Ford

sell electrified cars Ford increased 55.3 percent. Compared to last year, ensuring a record start to this year. Ford Pro sold its first E-Transits. Ford has more than 10,000 orders for this model from customers of all sizes – from small family businesses to large corporations like Walmart. By the end of 2023, Ford will have a global production capacity of 600,000 electric vehicles (BEV) annually.

Ford also reports that an upward trend has been visible for several months. Sales of the brand’s electrified models are as follows: F-150 Hybrid – 5,657 units sold in 2022, two Escape hybrids (the European equivalent of Ford Kuga) – 5,457, Maverick Hybrid – 5,431, or mustang Mach-E – 4371.

Ford suspends orders for the Bronco model

The brand’s SUVs and pickups work well, too. F series for the first two months the new In the year, its advantage over the second model in the rating of the most selected cars increased, with another 14,345 cars sold. In contrast, the flagship SUV from Ford, whose sales increased by 5.3 percent. Compared to the same period of 2021, they posted a record start to the year when it came to transactions with individual clients. The success of the brand is the new Ford Bronco, which disappears from showrooms in just 14 days.

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