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Are we facing a period of constant tension between Russia and the rest of the world? General Pasek explains

It is not known how many people entered Russia during the day. The media present there contradictory information. Earlier, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and some independent analysts warned that information about the situation in Donbass is often used as part of psychological activities aimed at sowing panic.

From Friday, residents of Donbass enter Russia, who, according to Moscow, claim their status refugees. In the Rostov Territory, sanatoriums have been allocated to them and camps are being built. In addition to private transport, evacuation is carried out in an organized way: by buses and by train. The Russian authorities announced that the refugees will be deployed in seven regions, in addition to Rostov, also in Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Bryansk, Orovo, Kursk, Belgorod and Moscow.

The authorities of two regions within the Rostov Oblast admitted in an interview with the local portal that they did not know anything about the reception of the residents of Donbass. They were not given any instructions.

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“People prefer to wait in their cellars”

Andrew Roth, Moscow correspondent register The Guardian reported that women and children were being evacuated. Many of them assert that despite the tense situation, they do not agree to the eviction order. They say: “If it were up to me, I would stay.” In Russia day the border A tent camp was set up for evacuees with Ukraine. Chaotic situation, [ludzie] They left here and no one knows where they are going to take them,” says Andrew Roth.

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Elena Romanoa, reporter for “Nowa Gazeta”, also writes about the evacuation from Donbass. “People were thrown from the buses on the street. The children are cold. (…) One of the buses stopped somewhere in the field – there was no fuel, people are worried about their relatives” – he says.

“Hundreds of refugees have been standing on buses near Taganrog since the night. No one accepts them, children for 12 hours without warm food. A toilet – in the fields. (…) Rostov Oblast is not ready to receive refugees. People say: it would be better if we stayed in Cellars ”- confirms the journalist.

“The evacuation of Donbass is perhaps the most disgusting thing that Moscow has done to local civilians,” said analyst Nicholas von Toekel. “They took people to the camps only to take pictures that suggested protection from a non-existent attack [ze strony Ukrainy]- wrote on Twitter. “People are resisting pressure for ‘evacuation’ to Russia, and would rather wait in their cellars” – he added.

Politicians and journalists firedPoliticians and journalists came under fire. They ended up in the shelter

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: 1,566 violations of the cease-fire

The Operations Staff of the United Forces reported that two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four wounded. On Saturday, the Russian-backed forces carried out 70 shells, 60 of which were artillery. According to information from the Ukrainian army, pro-Russian forces are firing at positions along the lines of separation of forces.

He also informed the Ukrainian army that mercenaries come to areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists, and their task is to prepare for a provocation in cooperation with Russian special forces. The purpose of these provocations is to accuse Ukraine of further escalation of the conflict.

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at. Saturday The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) mission informedIn the past 24 hours, 1,566 ceasefire violations were recorded in eastern Ukraine. In the Donetsk region – 591, including 553 explosions, and in the Luhansk region – 975, including 860 explosions.