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The Spójnia Sports Club will remain on the Żerański Canal in the capital, although the lease expires at the end of October. – The Evergreen Council of the capital Warsaw is in talks with the club’s management regarding a short-term contract – said Anna Stupinska, spokesman for the Zieleni board of directors.

In Spójnia on Żerański channel, players have been training for a quarter of a century. His students were Olympians, world medalists and European champions in various water sports.

Negotiation, not competition

The club leased the area from Greenery Council, Warsaw (ZZW). When the contract expired at the end of October, the RCD did not agree to an automatic lease extension. He stated that the tenant will be selected this time through a competition.

She took over the management of the club as well as many other interested people Attempts to negotiate this matter.

The Warsaw Green Authority is currently in talks, among other things, with KS Spójnia and the players’ parents – that is, with parties interested in the future of eligible sports and water recreation in the Żerań port area as part of the property leased until October 31 this year. by KS Spójnia, located at ul. Modlińska 16 – said Stopińska.

She explained that talks are underway on “a new short-term lease agreement, which, among other things, will allow the preparation of the area that is the subject of the competition for the future tenant, will also provide space for all parties interested in participating in the competition to prepare offers and will enable the continuity of the players’ training plans here.”

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Warsaw Water Sports Center

The spokeswoman also reported that ZZW is making an investment called “landscape development along the Jerusalem Canal.” – The area leased by Spójnia will be included in the second phase of this investment. The concept of developing this area will include the creation of an area dedicated to qualified sports. Thus, a space will be created for the creation of the Warsaw Water Sports Center – She indicated.

There has been talk of building the Warsaw Water Sports Center at least five years ago. In 2016, the Biachuca County Council called for the establishment of a center. A year later, its implementation was supported by the Committee on Sports and Tourism of the Warsaw Council. The city was to allocate 1 million PLN for the construction of temporary infrastructure.


There is a question: what is the future of the sports club “Spogonia Warszawa”?

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