Recent reports have been confirmed. It looks like filming a movie for 2 . knives It won’t actually be performed in the UK, and detective Benoit Blanc will be heading to warmer climates.

Website Editor collider Had the opportunity to interview Leslie Odom Jr., who revealed when and where work on said production will begin. The actor revealed that this time around, the cast and production will travel to Greece, with work on the set to begin next week.

The sayings of Odom Jr. Recent reports have confirmed that the lead actor, Daniel Craig, has traveled to Greece, where he was due to be involved in work on the film’s sequel. for knives. What do you think about waiting for a world-renowned detective in this sunny country?

Except for Daniel Craig, who will reprise Benoit Blanca, in the film for 2 . knives We’ll see: Kate Hudson, Katherine Hahn, Dave Bautista, Janelle Mooney, Leslie Odom Jr., Edward Norton and Jessica Henwick.

We also remind you that both the second and third part of the course for knives Heading to the Netflix platform. Rian Johnson, who also worked on the first film, will be responsible for directing once again. The release date of the sequel is still unknown, but we do know that Netflix paid more than $400 million for both new parts.

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