In an interview with, the well-known, among other things, of the series “The Texas Ranger” Chuck Norris gave his opinion on miscarriage. The reason was the last 48th anniversary of the legalization of the practice in the United States.

“I find it shocking to think that since then more than 62 million Americans have lost their lives in the womb because of this. (…) We must learn to respect human life from its perception,” notes Norris.

The actor pointed to a survey showing Canadians that caring for the environment is more important than protecting life. 51 percent of respondents indicated that using plastic straws is always or usually an ethical mistake. In contrast, only 20 percent. They thought the same about “physician assisted death”, meaning euthanasia, and 26 percent. With miscarriage.

“It’s crazy that using plastic straws is worse for a human than a miscarriage. Someone might feel like a good person killing their mother or an unborn baby, but using a plastic straw instead of bamboo is morally wrong for them. What about you people? From life? – writes the agitated subject.

According to Chuck Norris, the same study in the United States will lead to even more disappointing results: “Canada started abortion after 15 years. Don’t expect it to look better to us.”

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