Not wishing to exacerbate the conflict with Germany over the gas pipeline, the United States decided not to impose sanctions on the companies building it. This was confirmed by the Joe Biden administration.

In turn, he appeared on social media on Wednesday Registration of the President of the United States He said directly to the Polish radio correspondent at the White House that imposing sanctions on German companies would harm US relations with Europe. “Besides, it’s not like I can allow the Germans or not,” Biden said.

Biden returns to pre-Trump practice

Commentary on the policy of the US President in the area of ​​Central Europe by Professor. Romuald Zermetiev, who for a long time was alarming that the representative of the Democratic Party would not adopt a particularly pro-Polish position.

The former Minister of National Defense recalled the general regularity of politics on the international stage. You cannot base the national security issue on factors beyond our control. The United States and its President are independent of us. We have no influence and cannot get them to act one way or the other. The expert said that they are acting in our best interest.

Sheremetyev referred to the presidency of the former president of the American state. Nevertheless, President Trump saw the meaning and importance of cooperating with Poland and maintaining NATO’s influence in Central Europe. Biden, in turn, returns to previous practice, that is, in which Germany supports the United States in Europe. So the introduction to the Germans doesn’t matter much – he explained.

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– Therefore, a serious question arises – what will all this mean for our security – Romwald Zermetiev said, adding that Poland must build a defensive strategy. What is more, Poland, as in the period between the two world wars, became an obstacle for Moscow.

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