“They laugh at us, saying that we have no style, they call us +Przekkovia+, but the passes into the penalty area are, after all, the style of play, which was once the most effective in the world” – said Michał Prrał, coach of the Krakow players football The foot before Saturday’s match of the eighth round of Ekstraklasa with Pogo in Szczecin.

The Krakow Band will set out on a trip to Szczecin on Thursday.

“There’s a long second ahead of us, there may be traffic jams on the road, and we want to prepare ourselves well for the game,” Brocage explained.

Thiago, who is waiting for a rest period until the end of the year, will definitely not play against Pogo. The performances of Michel Seblak and Marcos Alvarez are also under a big question mark.

“We do our best to get them on their feet, but we also make sure they don’t fall any longer. Siblak has problems with his back, and Alvarez felt pain in his adductor muscle in the last minute of the pre-match warm-up with Górnik Zabrze. The season fell on us for two months for this reason. Prukaj reminded.

In the previous round, Krakow, after a dramatic chase, tied 2: 2 with Gornik. Matej Rodin’s stopwatch scored two goals from headshots.

“I have been working as a coach for many years and the league still surprises me and teaches me something. The whole plan for this match could be put in the bag when we conceded a goal in the 63rd minute. Then our young midfielders didn’t take responsibility for the match and we had it in the first half. They laugh at us saying We don’t have a style, they call us + “the cross”, but the cross passes inside the penalty area is a style, once the most effective in the world, because that’s how Manchester United played in the Alex Ferguson days., there are those who prefer to watch 90 passes alternately My side and behind me, but we will show the ball and score in this way ”- said the coach of the“ Pasów ” team, who started his fifth season of work in the Krakow club.

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Pogo’s coach, Costa Rangic, can boast of experience not much shorter. Brocage doesn’t hide that he values ​​him very much and claims that more of these people are needed in the league. However, he drew attention to inconsistencies in the evaluation of their work.

“Pogoń finished third last season and declared a huge success. During my time with Krakow, we played in the European Cups twice, won the Cup and the Super Cup, and there is still talk of the Probers’ bad work. Not everything in Krakow is bad. You can see how far The new rule helps us. Every small team has a goalkeeper coach, a physical preparer, and an analyst. Young players, whom we have trained for several years, systematically get the chance to debut in the first team. I do not agree. I think my work here for four years stands up for itself. Prukaj emphasized.

Saturday’s match between Bogosz and Krakow will start in Szczecin at 15.00. (PAP)

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