“Mogoswaia is a village adjacent to the Romanian capital, Bucharest, famous for its palace in the style of the Roman Renaissance. Between 10 and 12 September, it was overshadowed by football feelings. In this village and in another town – Boveti – Parliament was the football tournament held and it includes the teams of Italy and Ukraine, Turkey, and Romania, and the latter country had two teams: of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and Polish deputies also attended, and in their case the departure was very expensive., “writes Rzeczpospolita.”

“There were 16 of them in total, including 11 from the Law and Justice Club (Marek Asst, Minister of Sports, Kamel Bortnichok, Marcin Guddu, Jan Kanthak, Bartosz Konaki, Jaroslaw Kragowski, Vyslav Kragowski, Bwe Lisicki, Grizigors Matusiak, Marcin Porzuek) and Krzysztof Gawkowski from left, Dariusz Klimczak from PSL, Krzysztof Tuduj from the Federation, Michał Wypij from the Convention and Łukasz Mejza Independent, until recently Deputy Minister of Sports. KO’s Michai Garros was also on the list, but eventually canceled the trip “- we read in the magazine.

Rzeczpospolita adds that tickets cost 3.1 thousand PLN each. Palestinian zlotys, excluding Mezzeh, where expenses amounted to 5.8 thousand. zloty. Gives a total of 53,000. PLN “- we read in the newspaper.