Jake Paul warned Floyd Mayweather that he might underestimate his brother Logan’s power.

YouTuber Logan, 26, will face Mayweather in an exhibition match on June 6, and Jake has already angered the 44-year-old by stealing his hat in a surprising match to spark interest in the show.

Jake defended the proposed fight despite not having the quality expected from at least one of the contestants Sun It will spark interest in sports and entertainment of the audience.

Jake said, “I think it’s cool, I think it brings more eyes to boxing. People forget that boxing is entertainment.

“All sports for entertainment, including those in the Roman Empire. They had Olympic sports for entertainment.”

“It’s funny and I think Floyd would underestimate my brother a lot again and he has a huge advantage, my brother is fast and has the knockout ability.

“I’m not saying he’s going to defeat Floyd, I’m not saying he’s going to lose to Floyd, but I think we’ll have a good fight.”

Mayweather scored 50 flawless professional production victories, while Logan drew a show and lost a professional battle to another YouTube presence, KSI.

Jake previously said that he would only be interested in Mayweather if he could do so in a professional environment.

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