in Great Britain TERFs They are making propaganda that trans women will be raped in the restroom. If the mainstream comedian repeats these propaganda elements, it’s not a joke, it’s just joining in to kick someone who’s lying. K.Omics who make fun of people by causing them harm and then say they support equal rights in “real life” is pathetic.

However, there are more and more people standing in the LGBTQ+ community. Today we present five of them – to watch and cheer you up if you’re not into Gervais’ jokes.

This is the first person we want to introduce to you Patti Harrison – Transgender actress and comedian. While poses aren’t her business, Patti does star in sitcoms and enjoys appearing in live shows.

“I’ve been working at this company for six months now and no one has asked if I’m transgender yet. I don’t know if they’re trying to be nice or if they really don’t know, but I’ll probably use it with take advantage and take maternity leave”- Transgender Jane Ives says. In her shows, Jane makes jokes not only about her transgender character, but also, for example, with JK Rowling.

Another comedian you may know from her shows is Neflix. Hannah Gadsby in her appearance in “Nanette” and “Douglas” Jokes about autism, being a lesbian, and also about the queer community. “No! A man in a dress? It’s weird! It’s not. You know what’s weird? Putting on pink hairbands…Bald kids!”

Sam Jay is a lesbian who, apart from stand-up shows, also writes scripts for “Saturday Night Live”, which was nominated for an Emmy Award. In 2018, she made her Netflix debut in “The Comedy Lineup” and released her debut album “Donna’s Daughter”. What kind of humor does she have? “It became awkward because I met a guy with whom I lost my virginity. It was weird because we look alike now. Same clothes, same hairstyles.”

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The last one we should recommend is nieinarnx Mae Martin, known from the “Feel Good” series. Mai is a screenwriter and performer. In one of the most popular excerpts from his shows, he talks about how everyone expects… to be a lesbian. “Nobody believes me that I like men because I look like One Direction. “

And that’s all we have to offer you. If you have other people who have created a stand worth recommending, let me know in the comments.