This has been officially confirmed by Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto 6 Under development. So everyone is waiting for the first materials with which you will be able to see this long-awaited title. There is nothing to expect in the near future. still It will be many years before GTA 6 sees the light of day. The latest leak and the sources confirming it, however, may present the first graphics of the long-awaited game.

Matheusvictorbr, who has been dealing with him for a long time Leaks related to the Grand Theft Auto series, claims to have received confirmation that the screenshot I am attaching shows the location from Grand Theft Auto 6. The house will be in Hollywood, Florida. Moreover, this is in line with the rumors circulating on the web. GTA 6 is supposed to be set in Vice City.

We all know Rockstar and we know how eager he is to smuggle this sort of thing into his games. at Grand Theft Auto III There were billboards indicating that The next installment of the game will take place in Vice City. It wouldn’t be surprising if we now get a little hint for the next part.

About Moreover, Grand Theft Auto 6 is a lot of rumors. Some claim that the game will feature two cities between which you can travel freely – Liberty City and Vice City. Another says that in the new part we will be able to play the role of a woman for the first time in the series. Recently, we can read about the fact that in GTA 6 we will control two characters.

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It is difficult to determine whether this is true or not. On the one hand, it can be assumed that this is the desire of the fans, on the other hand … They have long wanted the game to move to sunny Miami (Vice City) again.