October 28, 2021, 00:09

Watch the gameplay of First Class Trouble?? Straight from the latest State of Play release. Inspired by the gameplay of “Between Us,” rendered in 3D reminiscent of an Arkane Studios production, the game will be available for PS Plus this November.

Shows the latest state of play play z First class problemAnd Which ma a call Until November PS Plus. This is an asymmetrical online game in which players take on the role of a handful of survivors of the luxury spacecraft Althea and try to survive on board the plane controlled by a rebellious artificial intelligence called CAIN.

It may not be very easy, some participants will enter the game ?? In circles, lethal androids impersonate crews (called Personoids). associations with Between us They come alone. The whole setup is like the one released in 2017 Priya. The title will be available on PS4 and PS5 in just six days, while PC owners have been playing it as of April as part of Steam Early Access. There are also plans for Switch and Xbox One versions (hence possibly for Xbox Series X/S for backward compatibility).

The main objective of the inhabitants is to eliminate the rebellious AI that is at the heart of Alithia. To enter CAIN, they must collect three entry cards that allow them to advance to the next level in the depths of the ship. Exploring the level may find the passenger record ?? Each of them contains evidence of impersonated androids identities.

Personoids’ mission is to prevent the population from achieving success at all costs. It means lying, deception and, finally, liquidation of passengers in Šibenik. After the player is eliminated, his body remains evidence. ?? Impostors?? They must hide it before the crew members use the body scanner and learn their true identity.