The fire broke out in the Pantanassa district of Rhodes on Sunday afternoon uncontrollably for several hours. In Kontakt 24 we received pictures of the burning island.

24 Reporter Pawe Sankowski wrote, “There is no electricity in the hotels from 6pm. Sirens are heard from the fire brigades.”

Qutb account residing in Rhodes

Pawe Sankowski provided more information in an interview with TVN24 after 11 p.m.

– We saw from the hotel window how the fire started to develop. At first, the clouds of smoke, and then the flames, seemed dangerous – said a Polish tourist staying in Rhodes. As he reported, from about 6.30pm to 10.00pm, there was no electricity in the hotel and area. At about twenty-two in the morning, said Sankowski, the fire was probably extinguished, because the glow, including the flames, had disappeared from our eyes.

Fire on the island of Rhodes

According to Greek media, strong winds hampered the fight against the element. Firefighting teams, planes and firefighting helicopters put out the flames. The authorities implemented a plan to evacuate homes and businesses threatened by fire. Many areas of the island lack electricity and running water.

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