As a result of a major fire at a transformer station, the main power link between Great Britain and France was destroyed. Officials warn that power supply problems could persist for several weeks.

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The fire broke out on Wednesday night at a station in Seeldge in the British county of Kent, just off the Strait of Dale, It connects Great Britain and France.

According to Bloomberg, the fire cut off the main connection supplying energy from France, which aggravated the energy crisis in Great Britain. As a result of this failure, they jumped significantly Gas and electricity prices.

The connection suspension, which, according to the British network director, will last until at least October 13, could not have come at a worse time as deliveries were already limited and prices were at record levels.

The UK is a net importer and France is its largest supplier with two cables running through the English Channel.

In the recordings available on social media, you could see smoke hovering over the station. More than a dozen fire brigades worked at once.

According to the services, the fire will continue for a few more hours. Bloomberg reported that flows on the 2,000-megawatt IFA-1 cable stopped shortly after midnight. The second cable, IFA-2 – 1,000 MW – is currently intact.

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