Mandate over the islands

The international code to identify cars from Great Britain has been changed. from 1910 The abbreviation GB was used, but now the correct abbreviation is UK. What does this change for regular drivers? It turns out a lot. According to the Polish News Agency, all UK-registered cars that go abroad and do not have the UK mark on the registration plate, It must contain a label or tag with these letters.

Failure to do so may result in authorization being imposed at the border. Moreover, at least in theory, such drivers may not be allowed to enter some European countries.

Where did this change come from? GB is an abbreviation of Great Britain, and the term Great Britain refers only to England, Scotland and Wales, while the United Kingdom is an abbreviation of the country’s full name, i.e. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The designation change is one element of the British government’s assertion that Northern Ireland is part of that country and not a separate political entity.

There are also sanctions in Poland

Do you think the British recipe is ridiculous? So you probably do not know that there is a similar one in Poland. Many cars on our roads were imported from abroad. Owners of some of these cars are subject to a fine.

Tariff Availability A fine of PLN 100 for “placing a sign on the vehicle identifying a country other than the one in which the vehicle is registered”. You can also pay PLN 100 for “not marking a vehicle registered abroad with a mark specifying the country of registration”.

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As it turned out, a person who leaves a domestic sticker on a car imported from abroad can get a fine. A penalty imposed by a Polish policeman may also be imposed on anyone who comes into the country with a vehicle registered abroad, for example in Great Britain, but without specifying the country of registration on the license plate or sticker.

And when should you have a PL poster? In the case of cars registered in Poland, this requirement applies only When leaving a country that is not a member of the European Union and is not a party to the Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna Convention). In the case of cars with a black background, the sticker is always required when traveling abroad.

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