The United States and the European Union are finalizing a plan to supply an additional 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas to Europe. The Financial Times reported Thursday evening that US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen may announce an agreement on the issue as early as Friday morning.

Quoting people from the European Commission who know the details of the negotiations, the British daily wrote that the plan for implementing these deliveries is to ensure energy security in the European Union, and at the same time contribute to an increase in LNG production in the USA. average term.

The White House declined to comment on this information with the Financial Times.

The goal – independence from Russian gas

US gas supplies aim to make the EU independent of gas imported from Russia and help the EU achieve its goal of replacing 50 billion cubic meters of gas imported from this country with raw materials from other sources. Qatar and Egypt will be additional suppliers.

FT interlocutors stress that the final amount of LNG that the US will be able to export to the EU will depend on important contractual obligations, especially for Asia, and the capacity of US terminals, which are almost completely used.

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Von der Leyen announced on Wednesday in a speech to the European Parliament that the European Commission wants member states to buy gas jointly, including from the United States.


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