Astra is a startup that made its third attempt to reach Earth orbit with a rocket this summer. Then it did not work, because after 2.5 minutes. It was decided to discontinue the project. Now another attempt has been made and this attempt has succeeded.

Astra this week launched a 13-meter missile called LV0007, which completed a mission for the United States Army. Already 9 minutes from the start in Alaska It reached an altitude of 500 km. You can view the task log below.

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Astra is a startup that has been in the field of rockets since 2016. The company intends to send small satellites into space and has recently signed various contracts. Among the partners, among others is a planet. Astra confirms that it already has a series of missiles with numbers 8, 9 and 10. In addition, it intends to carry out launches from various places around the world.

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