More than 1,100 fairy tales and tales, dozens of road safety regulations and rules, as well as interesting conclusions and notes were submitted to the competition. The level of work was high, the approach to the topic was diverse, and the selection of the best studies was the result of discussions by panelists.

GITD competition sponsored by MEiN

The competition for the most interesting story or fairy tale about road safety was announced by the Chief of the Road Transport Inspectorate on May 6, 2021. It was under the honorary patronage of the wife of the President of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Agata Kornhauser-Duda. The Minister of Education and Science is a member of the Honorary Committee, and the Polish Radio SA took the lead under the auspices of the media.

– I am very pleased to meet you. This time online, maybe one day there will be a chance to meet live. I am very happy that I was able to compete under the honorary sponsorship. As we know, the safety of all of us is extremely important, and the safety of the little ones is even more important. I would like to congratulate you, my dear ones, and thank you for participating in this contest. I confess that I am very impressed with your works: stories and fairy tales. Above all, you have shown tremendous creativity. Congratulations on your writing talent, but also your creativity. I would also like to thank you for demonstrating that you are responsible for road users – First Lady Agata Kornhauser Duda emphasized.

The official conclusion of the competition, the announcement of the results and a meeting with the winners took place at the headquarters of GITD. Some of the winners joined the online meeting.

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– 1124 stories were submitted to the competition, which proves the great popularity. Very high standard and it was difficult to choose the best business. I would like to thank all participants for such a great participation, and congratulate the winners. I would also like to thank the First Lady for taking the honorary sponsorship of the competition – Chief Land Transport Inspector Alvin Jagador said – The Land Transport Inspectorate doesn’t just deal with control – it’s our core business, but we’ve been in schools for many years. Now, in connection with the pandemic, we are conducting online safety lessons. We have already trained nearly 13,000 children in about 260 lessons. We will continue these activities. We also educate children in hospital wards – added the head of the IT department.

Each work must contain references to at least 3 road safety rules or regulations, the Crocodylic Tyrek should be one of the main characters, and most importantly, the works should be of educational value.

– I would like to thank the Land Transport Inspection Authority for the initiative of this competition. We, as the Department of Education and Science, believe that there is nothing more fundamental than the issue of safety. In this case, road safety, the use of public places. This initiative explores the knowledge of young people, but also creates young artists, because many of these works are of the highest caliber I know. This great interest in this competition shows how important the competition is. Congratulations to all. Especially all those who will receive prizes today. But also to all those who participated in it and to all the teachers and parents who were also involved in the motivation and preparation of these works. – confirmed Tomasz Rzymkowski, foreign minister at MEiN.

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Young writers compete for ideas. Elements of fantasy, magic, and history appeared. All businesses have one thing in common – sensitivity to the needs of others, concern for the safety of road users, and excellent knowledge of road safety rules.

– Focus more on pedestrian crossings, because you hear about accidents at crossings a lot. Unfortunately, drivers do not always focus, do not pay attention to this, and therefore there are many accidents. – said Lena Kurczewska from Primary School No. 1 in Olszyna.

– In my work, the most important thing was safety and road safety rules, but also how other children accept my work, and how they will evaluate it. I really wanted my work to be read with pleasure. The most important thing for cyclists to wear is to make sure that children wear them while they are driving. – Jan Grizzo of Primary Mathematical School No. 17 in Sosnowiec enumerated.

– The most important thing in my work is the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, that pedestrians and cyclists have reflectors, that they were aware of the safety rules on the road and that everyone obeyed them. – Confirmed by Natalia Roerge of Józef Chełmoński Primary School in yszkowice.

Today’s meeting was attended not only by the competition winners, but also by their parents and teachers.

– On behalf of the principals of the schools participating in the competition, I would like to thank the First Lady for her patronage, as well as to the organizers. These actions are of great value because they protect people’s health and lives. We will not measure it and we will not count it. But only such measures have such an effect in the form of saving human health and life. We are proud of our young generation who write so well. It is very satisfying. – said Grzegorz Bortnowski, principal of Primary School No. 8 in Toruń.

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The literary competition was held in three age groups: 10-11 years old, 12-13 years old, and 14-15 years old. The top 10 works in these three age groups were selected.

Winners of the most interesting story or fairy tale contest about road safety

Winners of the competition in the age group 14-15 years:

1st place – Julia Szeląg from elementary school No. 8 in Toruń.

II PLACE – Emilia Kuźmiczuk from the Special School and Education Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Lublin.

Third place – Amelia Kołacz from the school and kindergarten complex in Gniewoszów.

Competition winners in the age group 12-13 years:

1st place – Anna Szymańska from Primary School No. 83 in Wroclaw.

II PLACE – Lena Kurczewska from Primary School No. 1 in Olszyna;

Third place – Karina Nawara from Wojciech Rypel Primary School in Raba Niżna and Jan Gryzło from Primary Mathematical School No. 17 in Sosnowiec.

Competition winners in the 10-11 age group:

1st place – Edita Chernik from the primary school in Rybarzovice.

II PLACE – Natalia Rorg from Primary School Józef Chełmoński in yszkowice and Karol Grycel from Primary School No. 50 in Białystok.

The winners located at GITD headquarters have already received prizes prepared by the competition organizer, first lady and competition partners. However, prizes will be sent to the children who participated in the online meeting.

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